Some kind words from previous talks:-

"We organise business events for senior director and CEO of a variety of different companies and business sectors and invite high calibre speakers to addressthem. Craig Mathieson, spoke at one of our PLC event in February 2013. Craig gave our membership one of the most exciting and challenging talks about hisadventure in polar exploring. I as the organiser of these events, have never has such powerful feedback from our members about our speakers. We wereenthralled at what he did to get through his polar journeys and drew inspiration from understanding what he had to arrange and prepare for just to get the startline of his adventures. A real tonic to know that goals can be achieved, no matter the length of time it takes or indeed whatever obstacles are in your way.With good humour he delivered an incredible event for us, which people are still talking about, and if you have the opportunity, go listen and be inspired by Craig Mathieson".

Gordon Dow, Chief Executive, Power Lunch Club

Craig Matheson was recommended to me by one of my parents, Ms Jay Spence; "Willie you must invite Craig into Hillhead. He is simply an amazing motivational speaker and he will be simply inspiration for our young people."

Following an invitation, Craig Matheson visited Hillhead High on Friday 22nd February to conduct a series of three, one hour presentations with pupils from S3 to S6. He was also kind enough to stay on for a special lunch, with the pupils in the S3 Princes Trust class. His talks about his journey to the South and North Pole were fascinating. As a Head Teacher, I was slightly concerned, as I am with any guest speaker, when they are speaking to around 180 - 200 pupilsat a time! It can be challenging. Not for Craig. From the word go he had the pupils eating out of the palm of his hand.

A member of the teaching staff quite casually mentioned to me;
"How did he manage to keep the third year pupils so quiet and focussed for so long? He certainly knew how to capture their attention."
Craig's presentation was motivational, informative, educational and certainly caught their imagination. His delivery was professional, organised and slick. He proved to be flexible and adaptable when he was forced to change his plans after BBC Television "stole valuable time." He had a nice manner and way with our young people and no question from the pupils was looked down on. He engaged them and made everyone feel included.
The props and equipment that Craig brought with him was welcomed by the pupils. It brought his presentations alive. His use of ICT also brought his talk to life.(I can still see some of our S4 pupils covering their eyes, but peeping through their fingers not to miss the next slide!). He was excellent in terms of patiencewith the press who turned up on the day.
Craig was very generous with his time especially with the Princes Trust pupils over lunch. They must have fired a hundred questions at Craig. He had very quickly built a relationship with them and made them feel special. These pupils do not normally take to people so quickly.

One member of staff commented;
"I could see their confidence growing in front of my eyes. For them to ask so many questions to a stranger is not normal."

He left a message to not just the young people and staff of Hillhead that;
Everyone in life can achieve as long as they believe in themselves.
It is never to late!
Every person in the room can fulfil a dream if they want it bad enough.
The need to be self aware and focus on your strengths and personal qualities.
Every boy and girl in the hall can be a leader in their own way.
This message made a huge impact on the lives of around six hundred pupils and around thirty staff and parents.
Craig Matheson is a not just the most famous living explorer in the UK but an outstanding human being. A role model for all of us to follow - not just the young people! He is an outstanding ambassador for our country - we need to tell more people about Craig and his journey in life.

Jay Spence, parent of Josh in S3 was true to her words - "amazing, motivational and inspirational."

Willie Wright - Headmaster, Hillhead High School