"Craig Mathieson is a Polar explorer, Story teller and quite honestly one of the most authentic adventurers of our time. He has the ability to take you on a journeythrough sharing his story which allows you to be right alongside him wither it be the North Pole the South Pole or anywhere in between. He has the ability toengage the disengaged, motivate the unmotivated and leave you feeling ten times better than when you walked in the room. If you have ever questioned yourselfon why you should or shouldn't do something, Craig's story and wealth of experience of doing things simply because you can will leave you in no doubt of yourown ability to conquer your own goal! Craig has a simple philosophy of if you think you can, you can"

Mark B, Director at The Best of You

Craig is an accomplished speaker with years of experience with groups at all levels, be it major corporate conferences to motivational lectures to after dinnerspeeches. A small example of some organisations who have heard Craig speak are:-

- Scottish Government
- Royal Bank of Scotland
- Bank of Scotland
- Dundee Mountain Film Festival
- Glasgow Business Club
- Clyde Blowers
- Aggreko
- Too many schools to mention
- Cairn Energy

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