As well as having many years experience in the military and as a mountaineer, Craig has expedition experience in both Arctic and Antarctic regions.

An example of which are:-

2001 - Expedition to summit unclimbed peaks in Greenland.

2004 - Manhauling expedition to eastern Greenland.

2004 - Successfully led the first dedicated Scottish Expedition to the South Pole, man-hauling his sledge 730 miles over the Antarctic Continent.

2006 - Greenland manhauling expedition.

2006 - Successfully led an expedition to the Geographical North Pole, taking a 16 year old boy as part of his team.

2009 - Leader of the 'Northern Lights' sea kayaking expedition on the east coast of Greenland.

2010 - Leader of expedition to West Greenland.

2012 - Appointed special advisor to HM Forces regarding Polar training and guiding.

2013 - Established the Polar Academy charity, taking young adults from challenging backgrounds and inspiring them through participation in Arctic expeditions.

2013 - Appointed 'Explorer-in-Residence' by Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

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